Legal Complaints

Catchgod deals with complaints on a regular basis. To give your complaint the greatest chance of being dealt with to your satisfaction, we encourage you to contact a moderator to start normal complaints procedure rather than diving right into the unnecessary hassle and expense of a legalistic approach. We are quite reasonable, especially when you are polite.

I want a post or thread removed

Catchgod only removes posts that either break our Rules of Publish or breach Australian law. Just because a post or thread is critical of your business and you don't like it doesn't mean there are grounds to have it removed.

I want the personal details of a user

Per our privacy policy, we will not disclose details of our users except in special cases. Threatening us with legal demands doesn't change that. We are happy to comply with reasonable court orders (e.g. preliminary discovery or subpoena as ordered by a court).

Things that won't help you

How to lodge a legal complaint

We accept formal legal correspondence by email at . To reiterate, if you choose to engage us legally we will only consider matters of law. We will cease engaging with disputes involving our community rules.